Three ways to adjust the clarity of the LED display by HONOURLED

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1. Reduce the pixel pitch of the LED display.

Reducing the pixel pitch of the LED display can improve the clarity, the smaller pixel pitch of the LED display, the more delicate the displayed picture. To achieve this, it is necessary to use mature technology as the central support, but the cost of doing so is relatively high,


2. Enhance the gray scale of the LED display

The enhanced gray scale is the distinguishable brightness series between the basic color brightness and the darkest brightness of the color LED display screen. The higher the gray level of the LED display, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the color. On the contrary, the color is single and the changes are simple. The increase in gray scale greatly increases the color depth, making the display level of image color increase exponentially. The LED grayscale control level is 14bit~16bit, and the image layer resolution details and display effects of high-end display products have reached the world's advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, the LED gray scale can be expanded with higher control precision at any time.


3. Improvement of the LED display contrast ratio

Contrast ratio is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast ratio, the more vivid the image, the brighter the color, and the more gorgeous it is. High-contrast illuminance is of great help to image clarity, detail performance and gray scale performance.


On some text and video displays with large black-and-white contrast ratio, high-illuminance LED displays have advantages in terms of black-and-white contrast ratio, clarity, and integrity. It has a greater impact on the effect of dynamic video phenomena than illuminance. Because in a dynamic image, the light and dark conversion speed is fast, and the higher the illumination, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish this conversion process. In fact, the improvement of the inconsistency of the LED display is mainly to reduce the brightness of the LED display and the reflectivity of the screen appearance, but the higher the brightness, the better, and it will not be too high, but it will have the opposite effect. Light pollution is the concern of the day. High brightness can affect the environment and people. The above is all the content of the three aspects of adjusting the clarity of the LED display.

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