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Flexible Led Display

Flexible cabinet size
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Customized shape
Wide application

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Soft Flexible LED Display

Compared to traditional rigid led display module, our flexible led display module is soft and flexible.
You can use our flexible led modules to build creative led screens of many shapes.


Soft Flexible Led Display Module

Flexible soft led display module is super thin, very light weight and most flexible to design shapes, effects,
in any types, arc in any angles. With repeating curving, it won't break leds as well design of mask covers.
At present, 240mm x 120mm series, 320mm x 160mm series and 256mm x 128mm series are available.


Large Radian and High Flexibility

The flexible module led display uses a flexible material circuit board, and the mask is made of silica gel.
The module is flexible, and various screen shapes can be customized at will,
such as cylindrical, arched, wavy, convex, concave etc, to create an amazing and unbelievable viewing effect.


Ultra-thin and Ultra-light

Module's thickness is only 8.6mm. Ultra-thin design takes up less space.
Soft, thin and light features are suitable to create more curved effects possibilities.


Simple And Quick Installation

Soft module series led display adopts strong magnetic suction assembly design,
which can be quickly installed or replaced, precise and seamless, arbitrary splicing, diverse installation,
flexible and efficient, meet personalized design.


Magnetic Front Service Design

Thanks to the magnetic design, it can be easily attached to any metal surface/structure, saving frame, space and maintenance costs.
With special tools, front-end maintenance can be completed, which is convenient and quick.


Higher Contrast Ratio And Definition

The flexible led display adopts the latest advanced SMT technology,
high-performance IC chip drive, stable quality, high refresh rate,
you will see delicate and soft pictures and get an excellent visual experience.


Customized Shape, Wide Application

The flexible led sign can be customized any shape as customer's need, can be used in various fields and application,
such as shopping center, mall, bar, disco, stage, indoor building, outdoor buliding, television, exhibition, show.
Especially for all kinds of irregular buildings, the flexible led display is suitable very well.



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