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HK SERIES-Fine Pixel Pitch Led Display

640mm x 480mm cabinet
4:3 ratio cabinet design
Front maintenance
Cost effective product

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Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch Led Display HJ Series

The HJ series led display is suitable for indoor fixed installation application.
The appearance of the cabinet is high-end and atmospheric, and the price is affordable and cost-effective.


Full Front Maintenance

Led display adapts full front service design, the led modules, power supplies and the control cards
can be replaced in front easilly. The led modules is assembled in front with magnetic features.


4:3 Ratio Cabinet Design

The front service led display is designed with 4:3 golden ratio,
the cabinet size is 640mm x 480mm. specially designed for a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.


Ultra-thin Cabinet

The cabinet thickness is only 60mm.


Suitable for 320mm x 160mm Size Modules

The 640x480mm led display with standard size module 320x160mm. Standard led displays are quick to assemble and maintain.
Changing the pixel spacing is also very convenient, just change the modules because they have the same module size and structure.


Perfect Structure Design

High standard industry-leading design, high-end atmosphere. Die-casting aluminum cabinet bottom shell
for better heat dissipation. Up and down, left and right quick lock design, easy to install and assemble.


Seamless Splicing, Excellent Display Experience

Seamless splicing design, fast locking, simple internal wiring, perfect cabinet splicing.
The led display is seamless, with vivid images, clear video display, and gorgeous picture quality.


Ultra Light Weight Cabinet

The cabinet weight of only 7.5kg, easy for transport,
save your labor cost, also light weight is convenient for installtion, assembling and disassembling.


Wide Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is up to 140° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle. Ultra-wide viewing angle give you the largest screen viewing area.
It offers you clear and natural images in all directions.



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